Type of Channels in TS3 Client

Most of the people know that there are three type of channels.
When creating a Channel on TeamSpeak 3 Client you have following three options Temporary, Semi-permanent, Permanent.

  1. Temporary Channel last till there is at least one person, as soon as last person leaves channel disappears.
  2. Semi-Permanent Channel last even there is no one in the channel but as soon as you restart or restore channel will disappear.
  3. Permanent Channel last forever even if there is no person or you restart or restore your channel until you manually delete it.

Now you can choose which channel will suits you the most.


That point needs one more detail.

There is the option to have delete delay and then the channel won’t be deleted for time x. And when a client joins the channel while timer is still running the channel stays and timer is reset.


Well that’s something new to me. Thank you for sharing…!