UI reload crashes connection view

As I stated here already:

When using Ctrl + R all current servers are kinda lost…
You are still connected but…

It worked just fine in previous versions.
Any idea why this is happening @TS.ChrisR ?

There is no support to reload the UI so anything can happen here if you try to.

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Soooo it is possible but not supported?

Yes. Please do not report this as a bug. Devs need it for programming.
Maybe in final this gets completely disabled.

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Ok I see…
I still don’t like thew idea of having a functionality implemented that is not meant to be used!
(Although I really liked this “feature” when it worked)
Maybe you could do somthing like this:

			if (input == (CTRL_KEY + R_KEY) )

So it is still usable for debug purposes but not part of the release build.
Just an idea though.