Unable to connect to server on same computer with client

I’m know this has been asked a ton and i’ve read through previous posts where people tried to get answers. but nothing seems to work.

I just installed teamspeak 3 server and client on my computer (computer 1)
I also installed teamspeak 3 client on a different computer (computer 2)

If i am on computer 1 and tell the client to connect to the server via the internal IP ( ) it will connect just fine.

If I am on computer 2 and using my phone as a hotspot, and then using the teamspeak client on computer 2. using the external ip address 97.xx.xx.xx then computer 2 can connect to the teamspeak server on computer 1.

so far so good.

using the appropriate microphones on computer 1 and computer 2 we can hear each other.

things are going in the right direction so far.

if I go to computer 1 and tell the teamspeak client to use the external ip address to connect to the teamspeak server on computer 1. I get a failed to connect.

I have disabled my antivirus and firewall running on computer 1, just in case that was the issue, but that doesn’t help.

What am I missing?

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