Unable to create channel as Admin

For two weeks or so, Admins at our TS are unable to create channel (greyed out in menu) and cant copy/create new groups in the group permission tab.
which is kind of sad, since all permissions should be fine. I’ve attached anything related in the following screenshot and hope you can lead me in the correct direction. I’m just out of clues for now.

I’ve already tried skip flags and succeeded with Client permissions as a workaround.

Fun fact: when I try to set b_permission_modify_power_ignore, ill get an error message insufficient permission modify power

  1. Channel creation

To be able to create channels, at least two permissions are still missing.

On the one hand you need the permission to create a

  • temporary (b_channel_create_temporary) or
  • semi-permanent (b_channel_create_semi_permanent) or
  • permanent (b_channel_create_permanent) channel,

on the other hand you need the permission to create a channel with codec

  • “Opus Voice” (b_channel_create_modify_with_codec_opusvoice) or
  • “Opus Music” (b_channel_create_modify_with_codec_opusmusic).

  1. Create and copy servergroups

To create or copy a server group you still need the following permission:


  1. Permission Modify Ignore Power

The reason that you cannot set or modify the b_permission_modify_power_ignore right is that you do not have enough i_permission_modify_power.


thanks for your quick reply :slight_smile:

1.&2. all mentioned permissions are set with a tick
3. i_permission_modify_power is maxed at 75

maybe some functions are disabled because the server version is outdated.
My hope is, that this is actually the cause and can be fixed by an update from the hosting support.

That would be one option, another would be that possibly channel groups / client permissions / channel client permissions override your server group permissions.

If the server is " just" hosted and not your own, it explains to me why you probably don’t have permission to set the b_permission_modify_power_ignore permission. This would allow you to change all server query permissions.

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Youre right. It was another group with less privileges overriding mentioned rights above for admins
Problem solved, thanks =)

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