Unable to download Teamspeak

Hi, I’m trying to download TS3. But I keep getting an error code.
I have Windows 10, and a good Internet connection with no problem downloading updates for Steam and related games ! All my drivers are up to date. I’m at a lose. Any help would be appreciated
Thx Doc.

And what for a type of Error do you get?

I have generated a Proxy Link for you, maybe this will solve it: Click here to download the latest TeamSpeak 3 Client

Hi, I forgot to tell you I`m using 64 bit. The error code is as follows. CSRF token validation failed ID 3b979854-993f-41e1-8f22-7ac1dde0462c. Shall I still try the link ?
Thx Doc

The Proxy Link is expired.

Ok i uploaded the TeamSpeak 3 Client for Windows in my Google Drive, feel free to download the TeamSpeak 3 Client without any errors.


Many thanks for your help, now downloaded.
Thx Doc.