Unable to drag and drop badges

Regarding TS 5.0.0 Beta44, when I tried to drag an drop the newly added badges in the active section and vice versa, it wasnt allowing me to do it . Instead, I had to first remove a badge from the active list and then drag and drop the new badge into the active section.
I request you to please look into it.

You must at least have one space left to drag and drop one badge into the list of shown Badges.
This is not a bug there is no feature to replace a badge.


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have all 3 slots full of badges
  2. Drag another badge onto any filled slot and observe
  3. You will notice that it didn’t swap the badges
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There is in Teamspeak 3 though.

As said up there

If you want to change any badge, you need to firstly get rid of the one you wanna change and then choose and drag another onto that free space.

Once again, this is not a bug, this is supposed to be like this and it was like this forever.


but not on TS3

It’s the same on both TS3 and TS5: you can’t replace a badge without having free space available. It was programmed like this way back when and haven’t changed since.

So, just to be clear: not a bug, two people said that, one user and one dev.

Guess devs know their product good enough, right?

Actually I tested it today it it seem like that you can replace a Badge by dragging it onto another. (Ts3)

If that’s so, my bad. I remember it behaving exactly like in TS5, but maybe it changed sometime.

Don’t really know right now if you’re saying so tbh :confused: Gotta check it while I’ll get some time

I’m gonna drag and drop a badge that I marked into the third slot which currently has a badge on TS3.



On TS3 it is possible.

We all understand what you want to say here.
TeamSpeak (5) is not a skinned version of TeamSpeak 3.
You were told by a developer that this was an active decision by the team behind TeamSpeak.
Just because something works in TS3 does not mean it has be be the exact same in TS5.


Right, but why should the TS5 not have the ability to replace badges?

With my sentence i only said it is no bug because it no feature that exists.
Something that does not exist can not be broken.

What i did not say is that we have no plans to add this. This may be added in future updates.

So anyone in here can calm done and leave the rest to us :wink:


Beta 57 will get the feature to replace Badges via Drag and Drop.
So adding, removing or replacing will be possible with drag and drop.