Unable to import identities from local storage (android 11 and above)

On Android 10 and Android 11 (and possibly more) the TeamSpeak app only requests permission to access media only, because of this you’re unable to import identities. The TeamSpeak Android app needs to be updated to request permission to manage all files.

Please may this be updated so the identity import function can once again work?

You need to place an exported Identity in the mentioned folder.
Alternatively you can just log in to your myTeamSpeak Account on your desktop, set your identities / bookmarks you want on your phone as well to synchronized, enable the Sync feature and then log in on your phone as well to have them in sync.


Nope does not work. Tested it already.

We currently have no resources left to bring an update just for this. Sorry.
If you still need your idnetity to be imported you may use a pc with TS3 client and use myTS to sync them onto your devices.


I mean this with zero disrespect or cockiness however if the TeamSpeak developers don’t have the resources to maintain basic features on their Android app maybe it’s time to stop charging for it, don’t you think?

I get and understand what you mean. Just saying that there is no fix for this to be expected soon.

Basic features are connecting, talking, hearing (,not crashing), function of myTS in client.
The import of an identity isn’t basic in our opinion to use the app at all and is a feature that was added before myTS was involved and replaced the ability to use the same stuff anywhere.


mporting identities has always been a basic feature of TeamSpeak (at least on the PC).

And it was exactly this feature, without the need for a cloud and registration, that made TeamSpeak so user- and, up until this lousy statement, also privacy-friendly.

American cloud services cannot be used from the EU in a privacy-compliant way, and I include myTeamSpeak among them.

If it is no longer possible to import identities on smartphones, when will this point also be dropped in the PC versions?

TeamSpeak really used to be a top-notch product, but you are just shooting yourselves completely offside!

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Thank you bro

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Yesterday i tried to import my TS Idendity from my PC to my Android Samsung Galaxy S20.

For that i exported it and saved the Idendity.ini File on my Andorid at the Location /storage/emulated/0/Download (the standard Download Folder).

At the next step i clicked in the App on the “Import Idendity” Button.
Then i got the Message *"We could not find any .ini File in /storage/emulated/0/Download"

I checked many times, for the App Accesses for my Storage and the correct Path where i saved the .ini File.

What can i do now?

OK… so there is no possibility to import my Identity?
There is a Server, where i only can verify ONE Identity. So i am not able to get all acces because of failure from TS?
That’s … just poor!

You can sync your identities with myTeamSpeak.

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Can you explain how?
I can’t find where to do…

My Identity in TS on my PC ist set at sync Identites. On my Phone i do not see the Identity

Check if you have enabled the synchronization features on your pc and on your phone.

Tools -> Options -> myTeamSpeak

Settings -> Account

You will need to be logged into the same myTeamSpeak account.


Thank you!!

That’s it!
The Sync wasn’t set on my computer :smiley:

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