Unable to login to ts forum


Since a few weeks I was unable to login on to this teamspeak forum using myteamspeak account (the general one that I created. I am really sorry I copied the error code coming up on my screen.

I just wanted to ask if anyone else was experiencing the same issue recently?

I will post the error code if I am unable to login again.

Does this website work https://www.myteamspeak.com/ and can you login there?

Well for like 5 mins I tried like 4 times and I was not able to access the website. I am posting the screenshot down below.

After that I was able to login and the error was not coming. (My net is fine btw I am not having any issues right now) Although I am pretty sure this was not the error coming when I was trying to login on to the forums it was something else.

Is this still happening for you and have you tried another browser?

well… i had a similar problem for a few months… but with another error than yours
from one day to the other i couldnt login to the forum anymore
it said the forum software had a problem etc blabla
so i tried again later and later and the next day… but without success
then i opened a supportticket… and had a mail conversion with the supportguys for over a month where they also had no clue what went wrong

and then… when i didnt even believe anymore this could be solved in time… it worked again…
so i dont know if it was a temporary problem which solved itself or the supportguys finally have found the problem

i guess it had something to do with the myteamspeak account data given over to the forum
changing my myteamspeak password etc didnt get me anywhere in this case… so im not sure about this


Nope doesn’t look like its happening to me anymore. Its logging in fine for me right now.

Nice to hear. Thanks for the Feedback. :slight_smile:

I was unable to login on TS Forum again and attempted around 4-5 times before I could login.

I copied the error code I received: