Unable to navigate TS3 client

Whenever I open TS3 client, and it takes a couple of tries to get it to open up, TS3 is delayed. It takes around 10 seconds for TS3 to register where my mouse is. Once TS3 fully opens it fails to register my mouse anywhere on the app. I’ve ran it in safemode and reinstalled multiple times but non of it has worked. Can someone please help?

Can you show a client log please?

What keyboard and mouse or gamepads are connected?

Can you try to change the hotkey system under Settings > Options > Hotkeys
I guess it is setup to default . Please try “Direct Input” or “Keyboard & Mouse Only” instead.

I cant navigate Teamspeak at all, once it full opens nothing registers at all. I have to double click the app multiple times before it opens up. Once it opens theres a blank white screen and it takes a couple of seconds for it to register my mouse being on the 3 window options on the top right. Once it fully opens up I cant click anything on the app. It doesnt register any of my inputs on the app itself.


2021-04-22 20:00:39.808259|INFO | | |TeamSpeak Client 3.5.6 (2020-11-25 13:53:42)
2021-04-22 20:00:39.808259|INFO | | |SystemInformation: Windows 8 (9200) x64 (AMD or Intel) Binary: 32bit
2021-04-22 20:00:39.808259|INFO | | |Using hardware aes
2021-04-22 20:00:39.837764|DEBUG |Direct Sound | |setting timer resolution to 1ms -
2021-04-22 20:00:39.959285|INFO |ClientUI | |OpenGL Info: LibGLES, Vendor: Google Inc., Renderer: ANGLE (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Direct3D11 vs_5_0 ps_5_0), Version: OpenGL ES 2.0 (ANGLE
2021-04-22 20:00:39.961786|ERROR |RevocationListCache| |Failed to import revocation list from cache
2021-04-22 20:00:40.075806|INFO | | |successfully downloaded revocation list for accounting
2021-04-22 20:00:40.188325|INFO | | |successfully downloaded revocation list for myteamspeak id
2021-04-22 20:00:40.344353|INFO | | |*** Time [ICONMANGER]: 383
2021-04-22 20:00:40.346352|INFO |Addons | |Checking for addon updates…
2021-04-22 20:00:40.372357|INFO |Plugins | |Plugins safemode parameter detected, not loading any plugins
2021-04-22 20:00:40.568391|INFO |Addon | |Addon up to date.
2021-04-22 20:00:40.849940|DEVELOP |Windows Audio Session| |DeviceDeleteList::wait_for_deletes - enter - DeviceDeleteList
2021-04-22 20:00:40.849940|DEVELOP |Windows Audio Session| |DeviceDeleteList::wait_for_deletes - leave - DeviceDeleteList
2021-04-22 20:00:41.399035|INFO | | |*** Time [BUILD_GUI]: 539
2021-04-22 20:00:41.445044|INFO | | |*** Time [SERVERVIEW]: 599
2021-04-22 20:00:41.462547|INFO | | |*** Time [SERVERVIEWMANAGER]: 720
2021-04-22 20:00:41.894622|INFO | | |*** Time [MAINWINDOW]: 2102
2021-04-22 20:00:41.894622|INFO | | |*** Time [INIT]: 2103
2021-04-22 20:00:41.912125|INFO |ClientUI | |Qt version: 5.12.3
2021-04-22 20:00:41.912125|INFO |ClientUI | |Using configuration location: C:\Users\19086\AppData\Roaming\TS3Client\settings.db

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