Unable to talk after getting new PC

Its a long story but here is the sequence of events…
I purchased a new PC and downloaded TS3. (i used it on my old PC)
Before trying to use TS3 i used the option to reset my password as i was unsure what my original passward was.
After a fresh instal on my new PC i could hear people talking but i have been unable to speak.
I copied the unique ID from my old TS3 on to a USB stick and imported this to my new TS3, but i am still unable to speak.

Is it possible to delete my current account and start afresh ?

Any help would be very much appreciated.

For Profile Deletion, please contact the “Account Query” support for this. Here on forum teamspeak not do this.

And then register a new account on a another Email adress. :slight_smile:

Your unique ID (UID) has nothing to do with speaking. Settings that you have saved on your old PC for the UID are not taken over. So you have to reconfigure your output profile. In the TeamSpeak 3 settings you have the possibility to adjust your microphone. Also make sure that you have enough voice power (i_client_talk_power).

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Can you tell me how to check if i have enough voice power please ?
I do not understand how to check this.

There are moderated channels, which are marked with a “moderated” icon. There you first need a certain talkpower before you are allowed to speak. Either you have a channel/server group that overrides this power or you have to request talkpower. This can then be granted to you.

But it’s best to check in your TS3 client settings if you have set your correct microphone and try out different capture options like voice activation, continuous transmission or push-to-talk. Afterwards you can try a sound test there.

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