Unable to upload files to server

I am unable to upload files (icons, avatars, etc.) to my server.
When I try to upload files the following error message appears: Transfer "<FILE_NAME>" reports: (lost file transfer connection)

I have port forwarded the required ports (including FileTransfer / 30033/tcp) on my server. (Tested on portchecker and works)
I am using Linux (Debian 11 - x86_64) as the server operating system.
The files on the server have the correct file permissions.

When I upload a file such as a channel icon, the file gets created on the server and is logged in the console as INFO |VirtualServerBase|1 |file upload to (id:0), '/<FILE_NAME>' by client 'Mist8kenGAS'(id:3) but it is an empty file when inspected. And the client will show the error in the logs.
I can replace the empty file on the server with the file I am trying to upload and it will work just fine, but I want to manage custom files on the server natively instead of using hacky methods.

Any help is highly appreciated, thanks!

Make sure port is forwarded to right IP and that server config has right IP set.
By default server uses and ::


The server is using the default IP addresses (IPv4 + IPv6), do I have to assign it the specific local IP address for FileTransfer to work or no?


No. By default server listens to all available IPs.

You only set anything else in case you want to have specific IP set to allow file transfers.

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