Undefined error on wrong avatar size (jpg)

When I want to set an image as an avatar that is too large, the following message appears for PNG and GIF:


Meanwhile, with JPG I only get an “undefined error”.


Here you should also get an error message like with PNG or GIF.

Can not reproduce this on a TS3 or TS5 server with client beta 70.


I can not reproduce this too, for me is it working.
I try it this with GIF and PNG and JPG and i got no errors so far on a TeamSpeak 3 Server.

EDIT :But if i will set the Avatar on the "Official TeamSpeak Beta Test Server than i got the
invalid File Size error. :expressionless:

For me it is the same on TS3 servers as on TS5 servers. GIF & PNG have the error “invalid file size”, JPG the error “undefined error”.

TeamSpeak 3 Server


TeamSpeak 5 Server


Thank you for your help sir @Cornelius. It is appreciated.

Forwarded the issue to our developers.