Unique ID shenanigans

Hello there.

I had recently reformatted, installed, and started-up TS5 beta… I didn’t realize I had my unique ID saved to I recovered or whatever…

I was trying to find out how to input my ID… Thought maybe I could export… change the ID in the ini and re-upload it, but the beta does not have export.

I also tried uninstalling and deleting everywhere I found that TS was installed and it was STILL using the newer id even after all of that.

Soooo… is this a beta thing? should I delete the beta and go to something else??? Help would be appreciated.

So if I understand correctly, you have exported your identity to teamspeak? If so, the easiest way to import it is to import it into the ts5 client.

This will only work with a teamspeak exported UUid that has not been modified.