Update ipv6 to serverlist instead of ipv4


I’ve got a dynamic ipv4 adress but a fixed ipv6 (a full /56 subnet actually). So my server initially runs on my fixed (and fully reachable) ipv6 adress, and even my domain name only has an AAAA record so that it won’t get the ipv4 address.
At first i allowed ipv4 users to connect, but i noticed that in the server list my server is listed with it’s ever changing ipv4 address, so when someone bookmarks it, it won’t be accessible after x days for him.
I tried to get my ipv6 adress in there by even removing all ipv4 access to the server (closed all the portforwards via ipv4), so now it’s only reachable via ipv6, but still the serverlist is showing my ipv4 address (and that’s after a day waiting)

So, what can i do to get my fixed ip adress in the serverlist (or my domain name that holds the AAAA record?) I also have a domain name which holds both an A record and an AAAA record (so ipv4 & ipv6), which i use for other services like my ftp server. (in that case the user decides what ip to connect to).
I just would like to reopen the ipv4 ports for those people who don’t yet have ipv6 (in europe a declining group luckily) but i would like to advertise in the serverlist with my ipv6 or a domain name (it’s not a no-ip or a cname to my domain, i’m allowed to update my dns-records realtime at my registrar)

ps: i tried to find an answer, but i only found stuff related to ipv4 dynamic ip’s / NO-IP / … but not ipv6 serverlisting

I’ve never seen IPv6 addresses in the serverlist. I just guess that the list does not support this. It’s only the main IPv4.

Even if you have more IPv4 addresses routed to an server, there will be just one entry as well.