Update process does not work > Beta 40

aye since beta 40 the patcher is broken for me.
I can’t use the auto updater without first rolling back to an older version.

What OS and version?
Any crashdump?


gimme a sec while I check.
I’m running win10 19042.804 (20H2)

if you want me to share the crashdumps from userprofile\appdata\local\crashdumps just say so I’ll keep a few copies for now.

I looked further into this. This is not a bug in patcher.exe but in the Teamspeak Client itself.
It downloads the patch file from update.teamspeak.com moves it into AppData\Roaming\Teamspeak\next.patch.
Then it prepares the update by copying patcher.exe to AppData\Local\Temp\some-uuid-name.exe and moves/renames next.patch into AppData\Local\Temp\some-uuid-name
After that the older client versions (< beta 40) where causing a run-as (admin which is intercepted by a uac prompt) of the copied patcher.exe with params --log-file appdata\local\teamspeak\logs\update.log --do-no-elevate c:\program files\Teamspeak\ timestamp-of-current-version appdata\local\temp\some-uuid-name
Accepting that prompt would then patch the client and restart Teamspeak afterwards.
Since beta 40 the client just exits without starting the patcher as mentioned above.
Running this manually works as expected.

please do. May send them as PM with a reference to this topic instead if you prefer.
As for the update process, that has not changed in months, so either it has not been working since last year or something recently changed on your system that causes it to fail.
Did you switch / change your login name in between it working and not working?


No. I can install beta 24 and it works.
If I install beta 40 it does not.
The client just won’t start the patching process anymore.
It’s really odd since it just came with the beta 40 update.
So I guess there is a change in there that causes this issue/triggers it.

fyi (beta 45.2). The updater is still not being executed/working correctly.

This seems to be fixed, too. I was able to update again.

Great! Thanks for the feedback.