Uploading and downloading files


Please help me study out one problem.

(version of TeamSpeak: 5.0.0-beta77)

My TeamSpeak account indicates that I have downloaded files of 152.37 KiB in size from the “Soyuz Voice Server” (the screenshot attached).

The information on the server “Soyuz Voice Server” indicates that I have uploaded files of 164.19 KiB in size and downloaded 20.55 MiB (the screenshot attached).

But I haven’t downloaded or uploaded any files.

Please tell me:

  1. Why is there information in my account and on the server «Soyuz Voice Server» that I have downloaded and uploaded files if I have not downloaded or uploaded any files?

  2. Is it possible that TeamSpeak has downloaded and uploaded files automatically without my participation?

  3. Have files sent to me on TeamSpeak by other users or stored on servers been downloaded to my computer from TeamSpeak?

  4. If files were indeed downloaded and uploaded, were they some TeamSpeak system files or were they files that were send to me by other TeamSpeak users?

  5. How can I find out the exact time and date when these files were transferred to me and when they were downloaded and uploaded?

  6. How can I find out what that files were: names, extensions, etc.?

  7. How can I download these files again?

8.1. I uninstalled and then reinstalled TeamSpeak5. In this case, is information about the files downloaded and uploaded before uninstalling TeamSpeak5 saved in my account and on the servers?

8.2. The information in my account and on the server «Soyuz Voice Server» about the size of downloaded and uploaded files (152.37 KiB, 164.19 KiB, 20.53 MiB (the screenshots are attached)) includes the size of all downloaded and uploaded files as before uninstalling by me TeamSpeak5 and after re-installing TeamSpeak5?

Or do this sizes only include files downloaded and uploaded after TeamSpeak5 was reinstalled (and do not include file sizes downloaded and uploaded before TeamSpeak5 was uninstalled)?

  1. Does TeamSpeak check files uploaded by users to servers and sent by users in chats for viruses?


All file transfers are included in this metric. This includes automatic downloads, such as icons for channels, server- and channel groups.

see above

Only files uploaded by the administrator are downloaded automatically. Files uploaded by users need to be downloaded manually.

The TeamSpeak server has some default icons; the administrator supplies all others.

I don’t think the download of icons is logged. You can find the files in the client’s cache and inspect the last modified date. The cache is located under %localappdata%\TeamSpeak\Cache\Default on Windows. There is a folder containing some hex digits for each server you connected to.

As mentioned above, only icons are downloaded automatically. They are stored without extensions in the cache. Good operating systems can handle files based on their contents. For Windows, you need to specify the extension to open them.

If I’m not mistaken, icons are hard cached. So you need to clear the cache for the client to download them again.

The server only stores the quota usage based on your identity. I don’t think uninstalling removes the cache (as with most programs). So reinstalling will not make the icons be downloaded again.

It does not matter which TeamSpeak installation you are using. Quota is stored on the server per identity.

To my knowledge, user-sent files (file transfer and myTS attachments) are not scanned. Icons need to follow specific requirements, so there is a really low likelihood of malicious files.


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