Uploading Files to TS3 Channel Problem

Hi all
Sorry to bother you all but having a issue with uploading files to TS3 not sure how to fix it
I looked at the permission and it said I have all 3 right to upload download and edit files But when I try to upload a simple file it gives me a upload error I am set as a Admin to server. I figure its a setting I am over looking maybe the File is only 4k test I even try to zip it and still nothing but errors on Upload. Maybe I just doing it wrong or permission are wrong some how.

Is the file transfer port 30033 on the server forwarded? Or is the firewall blocking the port 30033.

Thanks for getting back to me TeamSpeak Host this we just rented it for 2 years

Not sure, but maybe because it is a rented server, you are not allowed to use the file browser because of storage limitations of the server. :thinking:


I have a File on server and other have had Files uploaded. but now it seem that we lost the ability to upload any files to any of the channels not even 4k text file.

I think I found the issue Not sure how to fix it I expanded the box and it said (file transfer server quota exceeded) I had the box to small to see the full message Dumb Dumb ME lol Not to get it fixed

you probably need to configure the Serveroptions under Transfer to “-1”.
It can be that the rented Server edits these Values.


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