Use Teamspeak on LAN without port fowarding

I really feel like an idiot for asking this but whatever:

I want to use Teamspeak on LAN, but the ip is (localhost), so I can’t connect to it from another PC in my network, the only option I know is to foward a port but I don’t really want to do that.

I used this tutorial to help me make it (excluding step 6 of course):

You need the IP in your local network. is the local loopback that only works on the PC itself.
For other PCs in the same local network, you need to find another IP and open the port not on the router but on the firewall of the PC.
So if you are using Windows go to the settings and find the assigned IPv4 address.

The go to the firewall settings and allow ports 9987/UDP (for voice) and 30033/TCP (for files) incoming.
Then all other PCs in the local network should be able to connect.


Ohh alright, that makes sense, thanks!