User group icons are enlarged and blurred

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I’ve been toying around with the different themes created by the community for the TS3 client. I really enjoy the Goon (Blue Darkness) one created by 2002MK, but the issue I’m having is that the icons I’m using for user groups and channels are enlarged by the theme.

As most Teamspeak icons are 16x16, the icons are blurred using different themes, and it looks horrible to see them. Here is an example shown below of the larger icon size, and how bad the icons look :frowning:


Are larger icons for TS3 created anywhere, because I really like these icons and using them like this feels really offputting.

Thanks for your help and responses

You can simply use svg (vector) images.
Just make sure they are square.
Vector image don’t store the data rasterized but rather as curves thus the perfect image can be shown no matter the size.

I read up on svg files earlier today, and I understand the use of them for icons, but the problem I’m facing is that I can’t find any to download, lol. does not seem to have any SVG-based icons, only 16x16 png files - so is there any website that offers icons for the likes of teamspeak servers in an svg format? I don’t particularly feel like making my own


Google does the job for you :slight_smile:
Simply use the advanced image search:

Edit: There are also a lot of platforms providing svg images:

I love how you pulled a non-passive aggressive “let me google that for you” on me there. Appreciate the sentiment, but I was asking if you personally knew of any websites that you could recommend, that provide what I’m looking for

One of the greatest icon libraries with all icons available as PNG, SVG etc.

Just filter icons by “free”, add icons you want to your collection, edit them if needed and download the collection.
(in every common icon size and format you want to)

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Hi FakE, thanks for your suggestion! I discovered Flaticon as well, it did the trick :slight_smile:

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