Users join channel but there is no sound of that

sorry for my bad English :frowning:
its start about 2 months ago (not just me its all the users on my server)
I update the server to the last version and on the same day, I update windows to the last version and then I think it starts…
windows ver: win 10 pro 2004 19041.572
TeamSpeak ver: 3.5.3 [Stable] Windows
TeamSpeak server ver:3.12.1 Linux (ubuntu 20 64bit)
we sit in the channel and then the user joins the channel but no sound so we try that again and we can hear the sound and then after 10 min again a friend join and start talking but no one got the “user join the channel” sound it’s crazy I reinstall TeamSpeak we don’t know what to do
if it’s not in the right place please move …

Have you check if the sound notification are correctly set : Settings > Options > Notification > Select a sound pack > check the notification.

yes like I said we (not just i) reinstall TeamSpeak
its happen to all the users in the server