Using Physical Headset Mute Button

I have been trying to figure out why it is, when I use my physical mute button on my headset, people can still hear what i say or do while i am in their teamspeak server. As I am a gamer it makes it easier for me to use the button on my headset, instead of trying to jump through keys or litterally exit game to be able to mute myself in teamspeak. Some one suggested key binds, but I dont want to do that, as in game certain key binds in a game will use the same key bind i use for toggling the mute in teamspeak. If anyone has a suggestion or a solution to this, please let me know!

That’s no software issue but it is a hardware issue.
A physical button should turn the microphone off completely.
There’s no need of a software supporting this functionality.

I had a similar issue some years ago with a cheap product also with physical mute button, with a non-working one.

Just as side note regarding key binds:

I’m using key binds (ingame as well) with multiple keys triggering the action.

For example: ALT + NUMPAD 9

That may affect a few games or apps but doesn’t affect the most of them probably.
(or unusual keys like F8-12 etc.)

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Its definitely not a hardware issue, as im able to mute myself in discord using the physical mute button on the the hardware.

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