Using snapshot from shutdown hosting provider

I have this ts3 snapshot from a hosting provider that shutdown how can i use this to upload to my new home hosted teamspeak server.

With Telnet / Yaqta you can deploy this snapshot.


Maybe file is broken or given file was encrypted from host.
Can only guess from that error message.

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I believe it is encrypted is there any way around that or a way for me to send you the file to see

this is what the file looks like

The file looks ok, but try replacing the ----- BEGIN […] ----- with

version=3 data=[Following the String here]

That is how the file is structured, from one of my last snapshots with YaTQa.

No that didn’t work got the same error message with code 1538

Than maybe try pasting just the pure string with the normal query command, that is linked in the first reply.

im not sure how to paste just the string in the query

Follow the steps following Restoring a Snapshot on the support page.

oh ive treid that already and I was getting another error but I will try again because when I did it I used putty

how do I get the server query through yatqa

You should try again with putty:

After you logged in, you need to paste it like this:

serversnapshotdeploy version=3 data=[Insert just the data without brackets]

and remove all new lines → that it is one line of data

this is what I Get when I try and paste it inside putty

I may be doing something wrong im not sure. When I go into putt I take the code that inside the file and I paste inside putty and that is what shows up when I do.

I’ll suggest that you’ll send me the file via PM here in the forum and I’ll send it back to you correctly, that you should be able to upload it via YaTQa

So, @iiVoiX found this Reddit post from 8 months ago, in which the user reached out to the Hoster (Clanwarz)…

The snapshot in fact is encrypted and after reaching out to them they stated:

“First, no response, then finally they got a response stating that they absolutely ‘will not’ decrypt the files for their clients & that Clanwarz snapshots are only to be used on the Clanwarz service.”

So I’m sorry for you, but there is probably no way to decrypt them without help from the Hoster which no longer exists…

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