VAD Doesn't comply with Force Push To Talk Channel

When using VAD and TeamSpeak 5, a channel with “Force Push to Talk” ticked will not force a TeamSpeak 5 client to use PTT, and instead let them talk freely.


We have that issue on or list.

Thank you for the report.


Hello lovely nerds,

we are running a gaming community TS Server, and most people use TS3.
We usually allow people to be noisy (voice activation), however in raids with up to 40 people in a channel, that can get a lot of annoying. So we set up a few channels, that force PTT.

Channel permissions look like this:

Anyone on TS3 obeys that rule. People with TS5 seem to be able to ignore this.

I was able to find server-wide settings for forcing PTT in the TS5 client, but I might be blind or too stupid to find channel settings in there.

Is that a feature that TS5 beta doesn’t have, yet?

Kind regards, a nerd who calls himself


Force Push to Talk doesn’t work on TS5, even if it is correctly configured and tested with TS3.