Very bad sound with Kinect microphone array


Since the version 3.5 of Teamspeak, the voice captured is slow and choppy if the microphone used is the microphone array of the Kinect v2 from Microsoft.
I tested with the latest beta of TeamSpeak 5, it’s the same.

With the 3.3.2 version, no problem. With another microphone, no problem too.

I think the Kinect from Microsoft is not supposed to be used as a Microphone on a Computer. The Problem I think is that this Device is officially supposed to work with an Xbox.

Kinect 2 for Windows is design to work on a computer. All others software works fine, only recent Teamspeak version have this problem.

I use it for Windows Hello and for video meetings (with Microsoft Teams by example) and it’s a really good device for that.

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