Virtual microphone

Hi. Is there a possibility to use the processed microphone, that is sent to other users, somewhere else in the system? what i mean is, can I create a virtual system microphone which will have output the same what is sent to the teamspeak server? the microphone signal processing done by teamspeak is great and it would be very useful to have the ability to add this virtual microphone for example to OBS as a microphone…

I am not fully sure what you are trying to achieve. This is the TeamSpeak forum after all, so we might not be able to assist you in the way you expect.

But have a look at Voicemeeter.

sorry for the bad located post.

Maybe you can try to explain it with more details? so People will maybe Understand what do you wan’t to ask

ok… you have physical mic connected to the computer and lets assume this is mic A for the system. there are applications that creates a virtual jack connector (virtual mic) to the system… then there applications that can real-time process the physical mic input and output this processed signal as a virtual mic lets assume this is mic B for the system… so you have 2 mic devices in your system. mic A which is the physical one and mic B which is the virtual one… example of this is nvidia broadcast studio app, which uses RTX cores and AI to filter the mic input… teamspeak also does some microphone filtering, noice cancelling etc. to the input. so im asking if it is possible for teamspeak to create such virtual microphone to the system? i find the real-time processing the teamspeak does to the mic input really good… so good that i would like to use this virtual mic in OBS.

just in case that this wont get implemented, you can rely on virtual audio cable (some voicemeeter products f. e.) to export your TS output to an virtual mic and use it then.

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it is a good idea but works only when you realtime listen to yourself. it is generally beter to do this with headphones, while trying to stream, but while on speakers, i dont want to listen to myself in realtime… or maybe i just cant find a way, how would i get the -in-my-system-silent- output of my microphone as an input to another application.