Virtual server must be started manually and doesn't show up after serverlist cmd

Hello and thanks for your time,

since a few month we have problems with our ts3 server. Iam using the official docker image (currently 3.11.0). If I restart the docker container it doesn’t start the correct sid, instead it creates a new virtual server. That’s why every time I restart it I need to use the query to stop the current server and launch the correct one. I noticed:

  • cmd serverlist doesn’t show the server, only the new one
  • on every container update there is a message for every client “server … has changed”
  • the database is quite old, we used it since 10+ years or so without issues or anyone working directly on it
  • problem occured initial after an update to 3.9.1
  • no error in the log, logs are here:
  • it seems like teamspeaks tried to start 1 but without any log output starts 6 too
  • startServer() VirtualServer(6) started is spammed to the log (the new created server, original sid=1)

I compared the database entries for the new instance and the old instance, couldn’t find a difference which may be the cause. Do you have any ideas?