Visitor permission

Hello, I would like my TS3 visitors to be able to see people on the channels and to be able to move around on the channels.
Can anyone tell me what the permission is?
Thank you.

i_channel_subscribe_power on Guest group compared to channel’s i_channel_needed_subscribe_power

i_client_max_channel_subscriptions says how many channels they can subscribe.
A value of -1 means unlimited.

i_channel_join_power is compared to a channel’s i_channel_needed_join_power

Then you have b_channel_join_permanent , b_channel_join_semi_permanent and b_channel_join_temporary to define which channel type they can join.

These are permissions you can change related to your question.

Bonus round:
b_channel_join_ignore_password or b_channel_join_ignore_maxclients can be added to say that they ignore when a channel has a password or is full. But that is more for admins.


Thank you so much for this