Voice desynchronization when recording in teamspeak

When recording audio using teamspeak and editing audio using a video editing program, the closer to the end of the audio track, the more the sound lags behind the sound recorded in parallel in obs. For example, the sound in obs is played for 4 minutes and 35 seconds, and in teamspeak it is recorded for 4 minutes and 32 seconds. Thus, the sound wave does not correspond in time. Thank you in advance. Sorry for the bad English.

Is this a multi track recording?
Where is something missing? At the end or beginning or in between?

If own captured track is longer than other users tracks, this should be fine as long nothing is missing in there.

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Yes, the recording is multitrack. You misunderstood me or I conveyed the information the wrong way. The sound recorded via obs is correct, but the sounds recorded via teamspeak seem to be accelerated by 101-102%. It doesn’t matter if the recording is short or long, they don’t correspond to the wave, since one is accelerated and the other is not. At the first peak, I match the tracks, and at the end they don’t match.