Voice Detection not working on iOS

It seems Voice Detection doesn’t work anymore on iOS and I keep getting the message “Push to talk is required”.
Same thing for Continuous Transmission.
Is this a bug?

Hi @Bombon3L

This is the expected behaviour, as the server you are joining has b_client_force_push_to_talk activated, and as such requires you to use Push To Talk (other methods including Voice Detection and Continuous Transmission won’t work).

To use PTT within the app: click the “Push-to-Talk is required” which will open a dialog to set up this functionality.

Otherwise you could ask your server’s admin nicely if this could be turned off.

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I talked with the server’s admin and this is what he sent me. Apparently it is turned off. He tried checking “Negate” option and same result. Voice Detection not working.

As you can see in the screenshot he selected the group --- Grupe Administrat...
(with no clients in the group)

I don’t think that’s a screenshot of a group you are in.
He needs to select the group first (group list - left side) and search for the permission after.

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@Bombon3L can you confirm which server group you are in when you are connected to the server? Is it as @FakE mentioned --- Gripe Administrat... or it another group?

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I have the same problem with my ts3 server, in this case im server admin, and the group has b_client_force_push_to_talk disable and it still being forced to push to talk only in the ios ts3 version, in pc version i dont have this problem. (I use myteamspeak acc to sync my identity in both device.

I will check as soon as possible and come back.

If you could also get a screenshot of you permissions overviews (or the plain text that is exported from it), this will help us see if this is a bug, and where it’s coming from.

To open this: Right Click on affected client, hover over Permissions, and click Permissions Overview (Normally the first item in the list)

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@Bombon3L This should now be fixed in recent update, can you please confirm that this is behaving as expected


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