Voice Is Not In Time With Soundboard

Hi there!

I’ve got an annoying issue:

When I use my soundboard plug-in (RP Soundboard) in order to play some background/instrumental music and sing along with it, there always is a huge delay of my voice so that instrumental music is not in time with my voice. appearently there’s no option for my soundboard plug-in to be transmitted with an according dealy so other TS users receive both at the same time.

When I play music via Spotify or some media player on my computer, it’s the same. My voice always has a huge delay in my Twitch streams/VOD’s.

I use an XLR Mike, which is connected to my computer via audio interface (Focusrite Scarlett 2i2).
When I record music locally using Cubase there’s no problem at all.

So my question is:

Does anyone have a solution for me so I can sing to some soundboard music in time?
Maybe there’s a way to put a delay on my soundboard transmition too?

Thanks in advance

I think this is a software problem, i had RP soundboard in the past and uninstalled it for this reason. Try using an external program as a soundboard.
For example i use Voicemod and it works well and without delay (it’s also a voicechanger if you need that).

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Thanks for your reply.

Well, I’m just so stupid.
I got that delay due to NVidia RTX Voice and RAZER Surround. First one causes delay on my voice and the latter on my local sound. Fun fact: I’ve always been aware of these two programs causing some delay…

When I just choose my audio interface as input and output everything’s fine.

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