Voice leak

hello, i want to ask, on my server, voice keep leaking, means others can hear our voice in another place, someone can help us to solve this ? for FiveM server

The only explanation for me is that you are whispering to these channels or users OR the server itself is modified.

Maybe one of your plugins does the whisper part? I know that there are some involved when your use FiveM but i do not have much knowledge which are used.


i didnt understand, can you explain the detail about it ?

What part exactly?

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the voice leak, i didnt know how to solve it or find the problem

and then right now i use the 1.2.4 tokovoip version, when i use 1.5.6 version, i cannot enter the server bcs TS cant detect the tokovoip

Find out what of my first 2 things is the case.
For the plugin part i can not help you.

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so what about the plugin that i want to use but the server cannot detect ?