Voice not working in fivem server

i have use TS3 with tokovoip to play in a fivem server for months now, for the last 2 weeks while i am in the server i can hear everyone else speaking, but no one can hear me speaking. capture works when i test it in the tools tab. mic works for all my other things as well, discord, xbox live parties, streaming with obs. has anyone else had this issue? i got the developer of the server to even look at it and he was stumped. when he looks at TS while i am in the server i am in the proper channel but it says local muted. my mic is not muted on my end. im so lost

You should check your privacy settings in Windows, there are options there that block your microphone from working.

have gone thru all mic privacy and mic access. it all is set up, mic works in test tab on TS

Hey I have the same problem and if tried everything nothing works let me know if find anything and I will let u know if I find a fix.

Run as Administrator, check your input device in options, test your microphone (you can do it here https://online-voice-recorder.com/), and try again.