Voice notifications

Voice notifications do not work: turn on / off the microphone, connect to the server, and so on.
Reinstalling the app doesn’t help. The checkboxes are checked in the “Notifications” settings.
I tried other packages of sounds.

When connected check Self -> Sound Pack and make sure one is selected.

Does it work via the Play button on the affected?
The client log might indicate the problem.

I checked Self -> Sound Pack. Everything is selected there.
Everything works through the “Play” button.
I checked the folder with the ones installed by the client. There all the files are in place. In the folders “defoult” and “defoult male”.
Do I need to reset the client log for you? How to do it?

Logs can be found under %appdata%\TS3client\logs.
The current log can be viewed under Tools -> Client log.