Voice routing for groups


I’m not a gamer, but I would like to use TS for a project of mine. Could you please help me asses whether TS is capable of supporting the following scenario?

  • There are three client groups A, B, C.
  • Group A consists of a single client
  • Group B can hear only the audio from group A
  • Group B cannot hear each other
  • Group C can hear the audio from groups B and C

If it is possible, could you please point me to some keywords or manuals, as to know what to look for in the forums? I don’t have a server, but if this scenario could work, I will gladly get one.

Some (or all) of this functionality can be solved using whisper lists. Although it’s not quite straightforward.
In regard to group B, when clients located in the different (sub)channels, they can’t communicate with each other unless using direct whisper mode.

Thanks, this helped a lot.

As per the schema, is there a way to do the 4th bullet (Group B cannot hear each other) by default, so the group members need not to mute the group every time they join?

That’s kind of opposite to the TS stated goal. So, if you want to achieve your plan, you gonna “cheat” a bit.

There is no way to setup the server to do it for you. The users itself need to whisper to these groups as target.

This is what you or your users need to setup.

A whispers to B
B whispers to C
C whispers to C

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Thanks for the assesment. I wanted to know whether there is a way to do it systematically on the server side. That would lower the possibility of user mistake (most of them are not used to using tools like this) - both during setup and use.

The whisperlists technically do all I need, so I will use them for the schema evaluation.

Thanks for the tips

You can export the whisper lists and the users can import them back. They only need to set hotkeys for it.

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What a strange request, but here is my take on it.
I had a similar set up for being able to listen to Gamers in a competitive game without disturbing them as a caster / teacher / coach.

I’m going to rephrase it as I understand the question;

  • Group A will be giving commands to Group B, who will be giving commands to Group C

  • Group C will be able to hear all Group B users and Group C users, but not the Group A user

  • Channels;

    • Chan Entrance
      • Talk Power 100
    • Chan Public (ONLY Group C join and speak)
      • Talk Power 0
    • Chan Private (Group A and B join, but only A can speak)
      • Talk Power 70
  • Server Groups;

    • Group A (Talk Power 70)
    • Group B (Talk Power 50)
    • Group C (Talk Power 0)
  • Users in “Group B” would then set up a whisper to “Chan Public”

  • You could set up a bot to auto move people to the correct channel on join instead of them having to switch or they could setup that it connects to a specific channel in the bookmark.

  • Extra note: You can make a link that will take people to a specific channel on join (e.g. https://invite.teamspeak.com/{ServerName}/?channel=Chan%2Public )

That should do it.