Volume Control

Will get TS5 any option like “Volume Suppressor” in Discord or the TS3 Plugin “VolumeControl by Goreki”?

When I or a partner starts to talk, the volume of every other application should be reduced to xx %. When I or a partner stops to talk, the normal volume should be resume.


just turn off the agc in your client option or set the channel codec to opus music , this will disable the agc

This is not what he asked. This question was whether audio ducking will be implemented.
Answer: We don’t know. I’m not sure if it already is on the wishlist - I certainly saw this asked already.
Would be a great feature for many though.

oh sorry i misunderstood

Ducking is an essential feature and my friends and I would stay on TS3 without it. So many games vary in volume and micromanaging all that versus people’s voices is way too much of a chore. The simple Volume Control plugin that adjusts the Windows mixer volume of other apps vs TS solves this problem. It took Discord roughly a year to implement this functionality, which is mind boggling. It’s so simple and absolutely necessary to use voice chat software while playing a variety of games.

All this being said, I set up ts-services in a VM yesterday and I’m impressed with what we’ve got going so far. Managing upgrades to the server should be much easier with a Docker Compose file, in theory. In the TS5 client, I’m not seeing any kind of infrastructure for “extensions” in the way they were managed in TS3. Something like that would be necessary for a 3rd party to implement the Volume Control plugin, so hopefully a plugin architecture surfaces.

I hope so