Wan wierd ts5 puplic?

TS5 ist bereitz nun 2-3 jahre in der beta pfase und ich frage mich solabgsam wan es puplic wird aber ein tip teamspeak GMBH entwikelt ein sistem das man die ts server kostenlos mit undendlichen user holen kann un ich meine richtige server sonst werden viele bei dc bleiben wa ich schad fende. auch wen ihr solangsam ts5 nich veröfendlicht wierd und ist dc schon leider zun nem bekanteren sprach chat geworden gg

First of all, speak English. Thanks.

Second, it’ll go public when it’ll time for that, let them do what they need to do and give them time. We don’t need unfinished product (CP2077, ahem).


Discord’s voice chat is more or less a by-product of the technology stack which they are using. TeamSpeak’s voice chat on the other hand is a core feature of the software and has been around and improved upon for 19 years now.

People are using Discord for it’s superior text chat and community building features which TeamSpeak is now adding to their software in an attempt to add was has been missing for those last 19 years. However, this isn’t as easy as it seems.

When Discord was released 5 years ago, they were able to build a new software based on 2015’s available technology stack. They had to spend way less time on figuring out how stuff works since other people already did that for them.

The new TeamSpeak software on the other hand remains largely backwards compatible to 2009’s TeamSpeak 3 and therefore inherits some of the base architecture which has been in use for the last 11 years.

Adding new features to a software which wasn’t designed to do the things which people expect from a 2021 software isn’t as straightforward as taking an existing framework and gluing a bunch of custom features on top for good measure.

Things probably didn’t go as smoothly as planned which leaves us with this extraordinary long beta phase. However, I personally still prefer a finished product which I can then rely on over a fancy looking building site where half of the features aren’t working because someone in upper management demanded for an arbitrary release date to be met.

Yes, it’s taking too long but you wouldn’t want to use the beta in it’s current state on a daily basis (at least not when administrating servers).

TeamSpeak isn’t going to bring all the people back from Discord. It’s too late for that. Tune down your expectations and wait for them do deliver a decent alternative which focuses on what TeamSpeak has always been good at: voice chat.

Also, nobody stops you from using both. If you need community building features, stick to Discord. If you need reliable voice chat which you have full control over, use TeamSpeak.


Teamspeak 5 is still in the beta, no one can say a date when it will be released but you still can sign up for the beta for Teamspeak 5 and you can use it even it is in the beta for free (if you get to access to that means you get a key) but the people who sign up get a key for 100% said Teamspeak. Well… Teamspeak can’t release because there is as an Example a lot of things to fix and if you would know, it would take a time first then a product can really be released.