Want to host second server / more sots but license does not allow me to

Hello everybody,

i only have one question: i have an npl license. but would like to operate a second server with a 32 slot license.

alternatively with my npl license, which I don’t want because all 512 slots are used.

thanks for reply

You as the owner of the license are not allowed to host more slots or servers as the license allows you.
Anything else would violate the license agreement and you could lose the NPL that way.

You want to host more slots or servers?
Then please visit TeamSpeak 3 Licensing | TeamSpeak and choose the license that fits your goals.

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Hi, I have a question whether a user has the right to install several servers (32 slots) on his (local) PC,

Only with a license that allows this (as said above). Else only one server per person / individual when no license was added to the server.


Thank you