We chill around on voice teamspeak :D


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It’s deleted. :frowning:

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RIP Public Master Talk

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Please bring back Public Master Talk i miss the user who said “i pay taxes so you give me admin”

Public Master Talk will deleted for ever.

Please nooooooooooooooooo…

Why? It was a nice channels with funny user

what a shame

cries softly :joy:

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You think this is funny?:´(

We want it back, we liked it ):



look how alive the channel was 854fb5d6-8f09-41d8-9387-2281ccf3affa


Memories of the Public Master Talk ;(

Nice Memories. :slight_smile:

yeah i know

First of all:
I found the mysterious appearance of the “Public Master Talk” super cool! Shortout to one colleague; D

Where did the mysterious channel suddenly go, it came from nothing, and went from nothing.

Im talking about the #teamspeak-server public

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Statement? :upside_down_face:

Huch Dante696 is there xD