We have problems (Discord)

Discord + Microsoft: the buyout is progressing and could take place as early as April

What doe’s Discord has to do with Teamspeak?

What’s the problem?

Just because Microsoft wants to take over Discord, it doesn’t mean it will automatically get better and be used by more people.
If I remember back to when Skype was acquired by Microsoft, I have to say, it was a complete flop.


Hello, we can not compare Skype to discord which has been often used by professionals, discord is now used as much for video games as by professionals, of course Microsoft is still doing â– â– â– â–  like discord currently that does not prevent the people to stay there.

i just want to say, the biggest reason i want to have ts5 as soon as possible is because microsoft is destroying a lot of things. thats one of the reasons im changing to ts when ts5 is out

I take a long distance from Discord! I definitely prefer Teamspeak because of:

  • Discord’s privacy policy is really lax and, for me, incompatible with my privacy (be sure to read it!)

  • Teamspeak is decentralized (!!!) and can therefore be hosted completely by yourself, the point follows on from the first point, if you have your own server (I don’t mean an externally hosted one) you know which server you are connecting to. In addition, the server does not have to be registered anywhere and can therefore also be reached in a LAN or only via VPN if you want to.

  • Teamspeak has an option to encrypt the voice data, which brings additional data protection

  • Teamspeak can be used completely anonymously, which you can perhaps see as a double-edged sword, but I think anonymity is really good at a time when we all voluntarily make ourselves transparent.

  • Teamspeak has many options for expansion (there are many plugins and themes from the community)

  • Teamspeak’s rights system may be a bit confusing for beginners, but it is very powerful and, if configured correctly, a lot can be done with it.

  • Teamspeak is extremely resource efficient (= very little load on the CPU and RAM)

  • Teamspeak has its own SDK (interesting for developers, means for the layman that there are many extensions)

In the end it is of course up to you what you prefer, but since I attach great importance to data protection and communication with friends is very data-sensitive, I warn against Discord as well as Whatsapp.


We have problems (Discord)

And since when do we have problems? Wait, since when do we even care about discord? Even if microsoft is going to buy discord, they’re not going to make it to an better software.

Does anyone remember what happend to the other great softwares which were afforded by them a few years ago? 2011 with skype — or 2014 with minecraft? However, when microsoft afforded these companies and its softwares, then I started to «hate» it directly. Skype got destroyed ASF and I don’t know where I should start with minecraft. Microsoft mainly destroyed it, and a lot of peoples didn’t like the changes. Especially when they was forced to use newer versions and clients instead of the older ones, before microsoft came up with such big changes.

Quite everyone was suffering at these times. Discord is not going to be a better ‹playground›, when they get addopted by microsoft. And since the most peoples here don’t really take a big care of discord — just gonna tell ya guys: don’t worry.