Web Page to search for servers?

Hi all

I have searched but not yet found what I want.
Is there a Web Page that can search for servers in the same way as the “server list” in the TS Client can please ?

Many thanks

That’s the thing - I’m now on a dynamic IP - I realise there are solutions like dyndns etc but cost is a real issue i.e. why I’m running my own server in the 1st place ! I was hoping there might be something that could pick up the data for all servers automatically so if the IP changed, the clan could easily look on a page via a link to find the new IP. Yes I KNOW people can search in the client but it’s not THAT simple to explain to people how to do it. If they simply had a page they could go to would be a lot easier :smiley:

Why don’t you use a free dns like noip or dyndns ?
I am mean you can solve your issue like that and you don’t even need to pay.

Thanks very much - NoIp do offer a free service and you were right - My router does support it and now have it all set up :slight_smile:

Thanks very much indeed :smiley:

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gametracker is still a thing ^^

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or tsviewer :smiley: