Weblist and public voice server down?

How long will the problem persist since it has been present for 1 week?

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We can’t tell yet.
We will move the system to a new location.


The voice server(s) is up again.

Weblist will stay down for a while.


How many more days will it be closed?

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Me and my friends have this problem, we don’t found a solution. I think it’s a regional problem. Please help :frowning:

Thats the Case:


Thanks :DDD <3 we love you


How long will the server list stay down? Since it is also an important part of Teamspeak to look for a server? I’m disappointed it’s taking so long!

When will the server list be available again???

The servers are still down. :frowning:

It feels like the weblist server application has been lost with the OVH server.


Na… all is still there but not started on purpose.


ok cool bro please do something thx


I’m just wondering now if there’s something “new” happening with the weblist or if the weblist is just being kept down on purpose because of all the nasty traffic.

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Hello. I want to access the server list and no server appears and the client is freeze. What is it from?

The Weblist is still down, thats why you cannot access the server list.

My husband and I use Team Speak 3 here in Ireland. We have been unable to connect to our regular server for 5 days and we can not get the server list to load. It just says unable to reach the weblist server and gives the time we tried to connect.

We’ve tried every setting we can think of. We’re older folks, so not very tech-savvy, but nothing has changed in our settings and everything else on the internet is reachable. It just stopped working for us both at the same time.

We are unable to find anything on the internet about Team Speak being offline, so we are just at a loss as to why the software suddenly stopped working when it’s been fine and perfect for three years at least.

We hope you can help us.

Weblist is offline at the moment.

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Thank you, Cornelius.

Would anyone happen to know when it is expected to be available again? My poor geriatric self has had a great deal of difficulty in finding support for this issue. I really appreciate your reply :slight_smile:

It will stay down for a while. It’s not known exactly for how long.

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@opZ1ca and still no public statement? oh c’mon man