Weblist and public voice server down?

There is one and this still counts.


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Hi All,

Don’t know where to put this so i’ll ask in here is there a problem atm with being able to connect to TS as for the past few years I’ve not had a single problem connecting to TS but as of today i’m getting the Failed to connect to Weblist Server Error.

Can post log’s if needed - Thank you for any help

So the Webserver list is down ??

as these forums and moving post’s is really quite confusing.

Because there is already an existing Thread about it. Look at the previous Post. :slight_smile:

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why i cant find a server in SERVER LIST to join ?

Currently unavailable.

Hey guys. The server list has been down for months now. The last time we had an update on the situation was around 6 months ago. Has there been any news regarding this issue?

This info is still up to date.

Our weblist will remain down for the foreseeable future. Our entire team’s focus is currently on TeamSpeak 5, and we will not be tackling the weblist topic at this time.

In recent times, the weblist has been under constant attack and has become a target for malicious users who list fake servers. Additionally, the weblist dates back to TeamSpeak 3 days, which means that it needs to be rebuilt from the ground up to meet current security standards.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding as we prioritize the development of TeamSpeak 5. Rest assured that we will keep you updated on any developments regarding the weblist.

Thank you


In this video i present an error on teamspeak that lasts for the last 2 - 3 months. In the video i explained everything.

No one will download this file from you. You have to describe it in words…

Anyways, if you wanted to report a bug about the server list not working, read what @LeonMarcelHD sent you.

Hello, I cannot connect to server list on my TeamSpeak3 Client. I tried with a VPS Server with Windows 10 and I got the same error. Did it went down for you guys too?

Yes the weblist is offline

Okey thank you.

Teamspeak 3 server list is down ?

also invite.teamspeak.com not working

Serverlist is down. Invites are working fine for me.

Old Invite Page is offline for me too.

Please use the newer one : https://tmspk.gg/

I think it’s only implemented in TeamSpeak5…