Weblist and public voice server down?

invite.teamspeak.com is fine.

What i found is when invite link was generated in client (3.5.6 - 3.6.0) it missed a /

https://invite.teamspeak.comabcdefg/ is wrong.
https://invite.teamspeak.com/abcdefg/ is right.


Cornelius tested Invite URLs on Safari IOS, worked 100%

In Edge it didn’t work, when there’s not GET Parameter, so yes it works but some browsers show other things :wink:

Edge is one of the browser i tested this morning. It works fine there.

No additional GET parameter (the URL i pasted above) was needed and Edge is unmodified.



Sorry for the text, I’m using Google Translate!

I have a question, in Team Speak 3, was the server list functionality removed?

After some updates I no longer find this functionality.


That option is no longer in use.

I run a TS 3 Server and I’ve noticed that TS 5 will bee able to connect (Not a problem with that) but knowing there’e still a huge call for TS 3 client they can’t find servers as you guy’s have removed this feature we feel it would be more beneficial to be able to see the server list on both client’s so to be able to join via which ever client other’s run.Could you please bring it back? Thanks