WebQuery parameters / documentation

I’m experiencing with the new WebQuery API.

Using the serverQuery, there was an option to exclude query clients from the result by appending


What is the WebQuery way of doing this? Passing that to the API doesn’t change the outcome:

In the end, I’m looking for some documentation / source to find all the available options / methods.

I’ve checked this WebQuery discussion, which does provide us with a list methods/scopes, but that will probably get outdated with upcoming updates.

Where can I find the official documentation for webQuery ?

you can find a list of commands inside the teamspeak server, there should be a file there

Which file do you mean?

I’ve found /doc/webquery.md, but that does not answer my question about parameters etc.

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ah okay, that was the file I meant, otherwise I can’t help you, maybe there are others here who have an answer.