Weird response when using "permfind" command


I used permfind permsid=b_virtualserver_connectioninfo_view to check where this permission was assigned. The teamspeak server replied

e[1Ge[1Ae[30Ge[Jpermfind permsid=b_virtualserver_connectioninfo_viewe[2Ge[1Ae[30Ge[Jpermfind permsid=b_virtualserver_connectioninfo_viewe[2G t=0 id1=292 id2=0 p=26|t=0 id1=293 id2=0 p=26|t=0 id1=295 id2=0 p=26|t=0 id1=298 id2=0 p=26|t=0 id1=14878 id2=0 p=26|t=0 id1=16446 id2=0 p=26|t=0 id1=16640 id2=0 p=26 error id=0 msg=ok

What is that? How can I fix this? It is a 3.12.1 Linux server, clean (no cracks or pirated software). Only this permission is affected.

Found one more

permfind permsid=i_client_needed_kick_from_channel_power

results in

e[1Ge[1Ae[30Ge[Jpermfind permsid=i_client_needed_kick_from_channel_pe[2Ge[1Ae[30Ge[Jpermfind permsid=i_client_needed_kick_from_channel_poe[3Ge[1Ae[30Ge[Jpermfind permsid=i_client_needed_kick_from_channel_powe[4Ge[1Ae[30Ge[Jpermfind permsid=i_client_needed_kick_from_channel_powee[5Ge[1Ae[30Ge[Jpermfind permsid=i_client_needed_kick_from_channel_powere[6Ge[1Ae[30Ge[Jpermfind permsid=i_client_needed_kick_from_channel_powere[6G t=0 id1=292 id2=0 p=201|t=0 id1=293 id2=0 p=201|t=0 id1=294 id2=0 p=201|t=0 id1=295 id2=0 p=201|t=0 id1=296 id2=0 p=201|t=0 id1=297 id2=0 p=201|t=0 id1=298 id2=0 p=201|t=0 id1=300 id2=0 p=201|t=0 id1=301 id2=0 p=201|t=0 id1=14092 id2=0 p=201|t=0 id1=14878 id2=0 p=201|t=0 id1=16184 id2=0 p=201|t=0 id1=16572 id2=0 p=201|t=0 id1=16578 id2=0 p=201|t=0 id1=16607 id2=0 p=201|t=0 id1=16620 id2=0 p=201|t=0 id1=16640 id2=0 p=201|t=0 id1=16654 id2=0 p=201|t=0 id1=16670 id2=0 p=201|t=3 id1=0 id2=210 p=201|t=3 id1=0 id2=213 p=201|t=3 id1=0 id2=216 p=201|t=3 id1=0 id2=7188 p=201|t=4 id1=389 id2=192 p=201 error id=0 msg=ok - View paste kyk9D

Ok pretty weird now. This does not only affect permfind. This affects a lot of commands.

Hm. This doesn’t occur in windows ssh, only when using ssh via yatqa (which uses putty’s plink). I guess that’s not the server’s fault then. Thanks for your help.

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