Welcome message with IP

Hello, I want to ask if it is possible to make a welcome message with an address to a new TS3 server ?

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Edit server > hosting > host message ?

I mean like [url =http://www.google.de]Google[/ url] but when clicking to “Google” go to new TS3 server it is possible or not?

You mean a clickable link ?


[url=Your link]YourText[/url]

mmm so… i have 127.0.0 TS3 server (using now) and later (1 week) i need to change my 127… to 167 soo can i set with message this new 167… server? and when i click on 167, auto reconnect to 167

[url=ts3server://blackrock]New ts[/url]
Like this ?
Replace blackrock by an alias or ip


It work’s. Thank you so much ! <3