What can you say about that VPN wizard browser?

What can you say about that VPN wizard browser?
s there a particular VPN you can recommend?

One that is more compatible with teamSpeak?

ExpressVPN is the best choice for TeamSpeak, for several reasons. In particular, it has a very impressive network of more than 3,000 servers. What’s more, these servers cover 94 countries — far more than most VPNs on the market . Needless to say, this makes it very easy to unblock TeamSpeak from anywhere in the world. Servers are fast and reliable while there’s also unlimited bandwidth, allowing for uninterrupted, lag-free voice chat. Just as important as speed is a VPN’s security. ExpressVPN takes this seriously, using 256-bit AES encryption to ensure your internet traffic is safe from third party interception. Headquartered in the British Virgin Islands, ExpressVPN isn’t subject to mandatory data retention laws. Indeed, it doesn’t keep any identifying logs of its users. There’s also DNS, IPv6, and WebRTC leak protection as well.

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With this argument PIA would be the best VPN because they have over 35000 servers and don’t even keep connection logs (which Express VPN) does.
In my opinion most VPNs are more or less the same. Basically none keep traffic logs, some connections logs. A provider does not need to be situated in a lawless point of the world (you know what I mean) to ensure privacy. There are some providers that could legally prove that they have keep no logs at all but still are located in one of the 14 eyes countries.
I personally would never go with a VPN that is featured on YouTube or similar. To me that just shows that they are either overpriced or can not keep their privacy promises. Otherwise they would not be able to afford those massive ad campaigns.

TeamSpeak related: There is no better or worse VPN for TemaSpeak per se. No TeamSpeak server blocks IP addresses because of a VPN. Some hosters will have bots running that kick or ban you for it. But this doesn’t affect most servers.
If a provider offers more servers it does not necessarily mean that this is better. There is a lot more to consider. Like total users, average server load, server bandwidth, latency, ping, etc…

I really dislike advertising on this TEAMSPEAK forum for a product that is absolutely not TeamSpeak related. I would base my decision more on what it’s for.

Do you just want to spoof your location for TS -> go with a large server count

  1. Private Internet Access (35,000+ Servers ) …
  2. CyberGhost VPN (7,000+ Servers ) …
  3. PureVPN (6,500+ Servers ) …
  4. NordVPN (5,400+ Servers ) …
  5. Surfshark (3,200+ Servers ) …
  6. ExpressVPN (3,000+ Servers)

Do you want to do moderately legal stuff -> go with the best privacy policies
Do you want to use it for everyday stuff, always connected -> look for a smaller local provider for lower latency and throughput.

Disclaimer - The one perfect VPN does not exist.


thank you so much

thank you so much)