What i wish for next beta

Just one thing for the next update, : can you add the close to tray option please.
And if you can fix the bug off icon display, some of icons works fine on TS3 but doesn’t show on TS5.
Good luck.


Channel chat system without being in the channel

This is against the fundamental principle of the TeamSpeak channel Chat.
Messages are not stored on the server and only broadcasted to those in the channel.
Just image you kick someone to talk sh*t about them just for them to still be able to read it.

What you are asking for is basically implemented in the new serverless / global chat system.
Persistent chats that don’t require you to be in the channel / even connected.

To be honest i understand that, but i think that they must give us the choice. I like the privacy and i want it, but where i need only.

Yes, but you have the choice?
If you want a persistent chat you can use the global chat system?..

Imagine like 20 users speaking in same time about 5 or 6 things different

Yes, I have the mistake of closing teamspeak happened a lot of times. I miss on “Close to tray” option too a lot.

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