What is the default value for min client/android/ios versions?

Hello I used the tool YaTQA to change minimum client versions on our windows server, which back in the days always had been working.

Now all clients that tries to connect and is not on latest beta 3.5.7 is asked to update and is not able to join.

I tried setting a lower version but did not work?

I would like to default the values but had a hard time finding those values.

So the default minimum value should be at version 3.3.0 (1560850141) as far as I know.

Now to your problem: You could set the minimum version to the 3.5.7 (beta), but can’t set it to a previous version am I right?

Do you get an error message or do you not have the possibility to choose a previous version via YaTQA?

Yeah that is prob. what was happening

So I created a new fake server to get default values extracted via command serverinfo and added them in manually

With YaTQA I tried all different versions but it was like it was not applied, the app is prob faulty/buggy with todays serverquery update / or whatever the issue might be.

How would one get default values for all those settings ?
serverinfo provides current values on server…

That’s strange. Can you try it via a telnet connection (for example via Putty)?

It could be like my example:

login serveradmin password										Login with query
  error id=0 msg=ok
use sid=1														Select server
  error id=0 msg=ok
serveredit virtualserver_min_client_version=1560850141			Desktop version
  error id=0 msg=ok

serveredit virtualserver_min_android_version=1559834030			Android version
  error id=0 msg=ok

serveredit virtualserver_min_ios_version=1559144369				iOS version
  error id=0 msg=ok

Hi thanks, I already added em since I wrote serverinfo on the fake server to get the default values :slight_smile:

virtualserver_min_client_version" 1560850141
virtualserver_min_android_version" 1559834030
virtualserver_min_ios_version" 1559144369

I did not use the

use sid=1

what does that do?

Please enter following into the ServerQuery to see what it means.

help use


I want to give Clients with version 3.0.13 on Android access my server version 3.13.7. What should I set up? Please help me.

These are not compatible and won’t be able to connect.

3.0.x clients and servers are way to old to get any support here.


But I see there are many A server that can let my clients in, but my server can’t.

There is no official 3.1.x - 3.13.x server allowing 3.0.x clients to connect. And this on purpose.
Whatever you saw is not our software.

And as i wrote we are no longer giving support for such old client!