What is the highest possible quality/bandwith TS5 can push?

I was curious to know since I’ve seen back and forths about whether Discord Nitro’s VoIP upgrades outclass TS5.

U can see in channel options →codec quality.
Opus voice max is 7,71KiB/s
Opus music is 11,87KiB/s

If u interested in server bandwith… well
heres our server with ~500 user and no problem :smiley:
so much better than dc :smiley: no lag … etc

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Opus music max and min:


Opus voice max and min:


Just to be correct… :smiley:

Is there a different value that can be written as? I would like to accurately compare Discord Nitro’s quality to this.

Discord Nitro’s support page reports that the highest upgrade tier offers “384Kbps Audio Quality”.

i think this for the whole server… not a user…
dc use same (opus) codec … so the values are be the same … or similar…
so u can calculate this…
this enough 200-300 user i think …
oh and ts bandwith is basicly unlimited :smiley: Depends on ISP sooo yeah…